Free SEO tools for Link Building and Link Monitoring

Free SEO tool set for
Link Building and Link Monitoring.

Software that focuses on Link Building - one of the most important parts of your business.

Day after day, we take care of your links, website security, resource availability and proper website construction, allowing you to achieve your goals.

SeoEagle tools for link building
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SEO link details

Internal Links monitoring

SEO link details

SEO Audit

Analyze key parameters SEO ON PAGE

Today's websites are like the human body - they need a constant, periodic monitoring of their condition. If irregularities are found, it is worth removing them. This will translate positively into higher ranks and search visibility.

The software will provide you with information in the form of transparent tables, charts and visualizations on the most important factors that characterize your website. In other words, we will provide you with a complete and constantly updated report on daily audits.

These two most important files should be one hundred percent correct to ensure a continuous availability of all subpages for web crawlers. Your position in online business depends on how accurately they are informed about the structure of your website.

Constantly share the results of the analysis with your principals, clients or persons responsible for the technical functioning of the website, so that they are able to correct its architecture.

We provide you with the ability to monitor the availability of any of the pages on your website, at intervals you set. You will be notified when the website is down.

We provide you with the option to check the recent changes detected on the site. You will see all the items that have changed over time. It is an excellent source of data on how your website is developing.


Backlinks monitoring

A completely new approach to backlinks monitoring

SEO website security

SEO security

Improve security

Hackers and spammers attack many websites every day. Over the years, the effects of such attacks have changed significantly. Today, hacking is used to publish content that is invisible at first glance or to obtain positioning links.
SEOEagle is like a factory surveillance. Thanks to its activity, you can see if your site has been hacked.

Stop spam bots

We detect places where bots successively post links.

Recommendations teaches you

Technical SEO for your website

If technical SEO is all Greek to you, our algorithms will tell you what to improve step by step on your website.

Icon landing

Create an account

Creating an account is free, and we have simplified the entire process to the maximum.

Page analysis

We analyze your website

From the very beginning, our crawlers will start searching and analyzing your site. After a few minutes, they will show you the results. From now on, your website is under daily protection.

Icon Changes

We advise you on making improvements

You get a list of activities in the form of a checklist that are worth being taken * to bring your website to a completely different SEO dimension.

*If you are a non-technical person, we will do it for you.

SEO images monitoring


Media files under control

In the application, we save links to all your multimedia files, then we make sure that you do not miss the information about their damage / expiration.

Attributes such as alt affect the graphical search in Google search engine. This is a major source of converting traffic. Make sure that each graphic file.

  • Expired images will never surprise your customers again
  • Tags always valid
  • Conversion increased

Frequently asked questions

Why are backlinks so important?

Backlinks are the main factor in the SEO process, the aim of which is to place our website as high as possible in organic search results in the search engines.

Correct, well-balanced backlinks mean that other internet users like the content on our website. This way, search engines know which portals will add value and which will not.

In SEOEagle, the basic package is for free. It allows you to crawl a small website or blog.

Yes, all accounts have the above functionalities available. The individual packages differ only in the adopted restrictions / limits.

Yes. We can perform some of the activities for you as part of an additional paid service. Our programmers and SEO specialists are at your disposal.

The cost of the service is determined in advance. We settle for hours worked.